Mobile Dentistry On Demand

Kare is the new app on the market for scheduling ALL your dental needs. Find a dentist whenever you need them, for a same day appointment! Call 1-800-787-2812 to utilize Kare services without a smartphone. Introducing Mobile Dentistry On Demand! Kare will come to you and perform comprehensive dental services on-board our dental van. To find out more, call us at 800-787-2812 today!

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To request an appointment text or call 800-787-2812

We come to you!

Convenience Fee to be charged as follows:

  • 1 person to be seen


  • 2 people to be seen

    $20/per person

  • 3 person to be seen

    $10/per person

We accept most insurances, including Medicaid. Currently serving the Louisville, KY and Leitchfield, KY areas. If you want us to come to your area, reach out to us. Also offer financing arrangements for procedures that insurance does not cover.

  • Become a member for Only $20/month

    No contracts, cancel at anytime.

  • Receive Kare discounts with membership

    Discounts on all dental services when booking appointments through the app.

  • Easy to use and convenient

    Download the app or call 1-800-787-2812 to subscribe.

  • Access to Kare Network

    Utilize the Kare Network of dentists to receive discounts.

Features of Kare

Learn more about our easy to use features.

Get treatment now

Schedule a dental appointment to be seen the same day. No waiting!

24 Hour Availability

Find an available dentist 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Live Customer Service

If you have a problem booking an appointment, call our toll free number and talk to a customer service representative.

Video Chat

Video chat with a dentist and ask any questions you may have, 24 hours a day. * $19.99

Easy Dentist Search

Find an available dentist near you and book an appointment without the hassle!

Choose the procedure you want to be seen for

You will be matched with a dentist capable of performing what you need.

What is Kare?

Have you ever woken up with a toothache? If so, you know it can be unbearable. That is why we have developed Kare. When you are in pain do you want to have to call every dentist you can find in the phone book or on a Google search to see if they are open? If you find an office that is open, will they see you today? Do they take your insurance? You may be searching for hours, which is not very convenient for you. Or is it that you have trouble taking off work to go to appointments? Traditionally patients have to work around the dentist's schedule. It becomes difficult when you work the same hours that the dentist office is open.

  • Kare solves those problems and more. By logging into the application on your smart phone or tablet at any time of the day or night and entering simple information about yourself, you can perform a GPS search which will provide you with a list of dentists that are open, have immediate availability, and accept your insurance within your geographical location. You can select which dentist you want to connect with and within a few clicks you have an instant appointment scheduled. No more wasting time searching for a dentist.
  • Are you one of the millions of people on either Medicaid or Medicare? When you call the list of providers who accept your insurance have you ever been amazed to hear that it will be three months or longer before you can get in for routine care? A lot can happen in three months. Often patients end up in pain in the ER. All the doctors in the ER will be able to do is give you some medication. What you need is to see a dentist ASAP. Kare helps you get treatment same day. From scheduling cleanings and exams to fillings, root canals, and extractions, Kare can be of assistance 24 hours a day.
  • Have you ever actually finally made it in to a dental appointment, but then the dentist wasn’t able to do the procedure you needed? We don’t want you to be in discomfort for any longer than is necessary. That is why Kare’s algorithm matches patient to provider based on the requested procedure in addition to location and availability. If you are not sure what kind of treatment you need, a Kare staff dentist is available 24 hours a day to video chat with you for only $19.99.
  • How is all this possible? How does it work? Well, every day dentists have patients that cancel their appointments last minute or do not show. This leaves openings in their schedule that they are not able to foresee. With Kare, they can log on and mark their availability. This tells Kare to add them to the list of dentists that appear when a patient searches for a provider.

Get in Touch

Have feedback, suggestion, or any thought about our app? Feel free to contact us anytime, we will get back to you in 24 hours.